Intrapreneurship for managers: Boost innovation in your company and secure growth

Adopt a Startup approach within an established company. Think out of the box and generate new ideas, evaluate the most promising without spending a fortune, and move with confidence from ideation to go-to-market success.

George Boretos, Entrepreneur & Advisor, Founder & CEO FutureUP

  • Innovation execution
  • Brainstorming
  • Design Thinking
  • Quick concept evaluation
  • Lean Startup
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Experimentation
  • Pivoting
  • Innovation adoption cycle
  • Crossing the Chasm
  • Product market fit
  • Scale up
  • Risk mitigation
  • KPIs/monitoring

Course Introduction


  • Understand the innovation process from idea creation to implementation and go-to-market success
  • Learn how to brainstorm effectively
  • Apply Design Thinking as a means to boost innovation and evaluate high–level opportunities with almost zero cost
  • Analyze your target audience and business model using the Lean Startup framework and check for blind spots while moving from idea to implementation
  • Create experiments to “test the waters” for your initiative in your market and pivot if and when the opportunity arises to ensure product-market fit 
  • Understand the innovation adoption cycle, its key stages, including the early and mainstream market, and key go-to-market strategies per stage
  • Learn how to identify and address the life-threatening Crossing the Chasm challenge
  • Learn how to scale as you grow to ensure go-to-market success and corporate agility
  • Create a list of the risks to take or avoid
  • Create a list of the right KPIs for you to monitor and understand how to measure success


All companies need to continuously promote innovation to grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. We see big companies being overthrown or challenged all the time, like Nokia and mySpace, in the not-so-distant past. Even more, there are so many macroeconomic disruptions like, for instance, last years’ pandemic, increased inflation, supply shortages, energy crisis, and war. And on top, new technologies emerge like chatGPT, and customers’ tastes and needs change continuously. If the market changes continuously, then so should you, and in order to do so, your company should continuously innovate.  

However, unlike startups, established companies are best fit to operate in a mature and stable environment and may be missing important growth opportunities.

In this course, we will explore standard (and not so standard!) techniques used by both startups and more established companies, based on the hands-on experience of the trainer,  to help improve the innovation capacity in your company, identify great opportunities, and move from idea to new product launching and go-to-market success

By attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the innovation process and identify your weak spots today
  • Generate new ideas for specific areas within a day through effective Brainstorming
  • Evaluate ideas and concepts directionally within a day and at practically zero cost
  • Transform a promising new idea into a business model you can implement, test, and refine or completely change in prespecified steps   
  • Ask the right questions to identify if you are in the early vs the mainstream market or Crossing the Chasm between the two phases
  • Adopt your go-to-market strategy according to the phase of the market
  • Scale up gradually 
  • Monitor your performance using specific KPIs


Unlike other courses on the subject combines an introduction to the most important innovation frameworks (e.g., Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Chasm theory, technology adoption cycle) with practical hands-on experience, including hints and tips, dos and don’ts, and proven benchmarks. The devil is in the details; this course will go deeper and be more practical than others.


The course is unique in combining a thorough overview of the most popular theoretical frameworks for boosting innovation and growth, such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Chasm theory, with hands-on experience and benchmarks. Also, the instructor is an entrepreneur who has been practicing all these methods in real life up until now and will be sharing his experiences during the course.


Marketing executives, Product managers, Product design leads, Strategy & business development people, Business owners or C-level executives, and everyone involved (or willing to be involved) in the process of identifying new ideas (small or big!) and converting them into successful products or initiatives. Faster-changing industries like high technology or energy can benefit more. The ideal company size would be between 100-5000 employees (not too big or too small).


This training module will explore standard (and not-so-standard!) techniques used by both startups and more mature companies, based on the hands-on experience of the trainer, to help improve the innovation capacity in your company, identify great opportunities and move from the idea to new product launching and go-to-market success

Course Outline

Day 1

Introduction to the innovation process

  • Understand the innovation process from idea creation to implementation and go-to-market success
  • Intrapreneurship vs. Entrepreneurship - understand the key differences and similarities Setup your goals
  • Forming the internal and external team
  • The brainstorming process – what to avoid and what to expect
  • Team exercise –split into groups/teams, set up your goals, and perform your first brainstorming session

Learning Objectives:

    1. Understand the key dynamics and concepts of innovation
    2. Learn the key differences between Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship
    3. Practice how to brainstorm effectively

Day 2

Introduction to key methodologies to boost innovation

  • Introduction to Design Thinking as a means to boost innovation and evaluate high–level opportunities
  • Team exercise – your first Design Thinking project
  • Introduction to Lean Startup as a method to go from idea to product and market success
  • Team exercise: Practice with key elements of the Lean Startup methodology

Learning Objectives:

    1. Learn and practice the key concepts of Design Thinking, including idea formation and high-level evaluation
    2. Learn and practice the key concepts of Lean Startup, including the Business Model Canvas

Day 3

The innovation adoption cycle and introduction to Crossing the Chasm framework

  • Introduction to the innovation adoption cycle and its most frequent manifestation, the technology adoption cycle
  • IHow to identify where you are on the cycle and where your market is
  • Team exercise – identity where you are in the adoption cycle
  • The key differences between the early and the mainstream market
  • TIdentify and address the Crossing the Chasm challenge
  • Choose the right KPIs to monitor and how to measure success
  • Team exercise – draft your go-to-market strategy for your stage in the Adoption Cycle

Learning Objectives:

    1. Understand the Innovation/Technology Adoption cycle
    2. Understand the key concepts of the Crossing the Chasm framework
    3. Practice on adopting strategy for different phases of the market


3 Days

Time Segments:

5 hours Training


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Just your willingness to learn and innovate!

Course Level:

All Levels

What’s Included: Pre-Course Materials:

Not applicable

What’s Included: Course Materials:

A slide deck with all presentations per day covering in depth all topics as presented in the Detailed Agenda of the program and exercises performed during the training


$1100 (includes training & certification)

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On computers, tablets, and smartphones

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9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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You will have two options for certification post-course. Either just complete all course content to obtain your Certification of Attendance or you can choose to achieve a highly valued Proqis Certified Accreditation by taking a post-course exam. If you pass you will receive a Proqis Certified Positive Intelligence (PCPI) Certification and a Certification of Accomplishment LinkedIn Proqis Certified Positive Intelligence  Practitioner (PCPIP)  Badge which you can put on your LinkedIn Profile with a click on our platform.
Proqis' Certified Intrepreneur certification provides a comprehensive assessment of an individual's diverse skillset, including indicative ideation, execution, agility, and ensuring product-market fit, all of which are essential for driving internal innovation and achieving sustainable growth within a company.
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George Boretos, Entrepreneur & Advisor, Founder & CEO FutureUP

I have 20 years of professional experience as a business executive leading marketing, sales, and strategy functions. But then I turned into a startupper for another 7 years, launching three startups so far in the AI space, raising millions in Seed & Series A funding, selling to big Fortune 500 companies, creating markets out of almost nothing, and achieving high growth through the years, always based on continuous innovation! On the other hand, I have also lost sleep over my business, made many mistakes (many of which I could have avoided), and walked through the “valley of death” before success kicked in.   

My transition from established to startup companies showed me the big differences between the two worlds, the more important one being the ability of startups to innovate and grow quickly compared to other companies. During this course, I will be sharing my hands-on experience and benchmarks on how you can apply startup methodologies to established companies to boost innovation and grow!

In the following links, you can find some indicative parts of my journey as a startupper starting from my LinkedIn profile and indicative webinars and podcasts:

Dates & Prices

This course will take place over a Zoom Meeting and you will receive a unique link and access details shortly after registering. 
The course will take place over one day, with each day comprising 6 hours of sessions. The sessions will run from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Specific time zones will vary based on dates, see below. 

Online Instructor-Led

18-20 September 2023
Time Zone
EST (Eastern Standard Time)
9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Register before June 30, 2023 & save 40% $660 $1100

Online Instructor-Led

10-12 October 2023
Time Zone
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9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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Online Instructor-Led

13-15 November 2023
Time Zone
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9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Register before June 30, 2023 & save 40% $660 $1100


I have worked with George over a span of years on some of the most exciting and challenging software development and branding projects at Singular Logic. He is excellent at translating insights into business action, he is ever thorough, exacting, and at the same time, creative and open-minded. He keeps relentlessly updating his knowledge and skills, he is a very well-rounded professional... not to say tireless and committed to delivering results. And I most admire his civility, integrity, gentle patience, and sunny disposition, no matter how tough the situation. I cannot recommend him higher!

Agnes Alice Mariakaki

CEO, Research Psychologist, MindSearch

In the years I had worked with George, he demonstrated creativity and ability to come up with innovative ideas from a business mindset. George has deep knowledge ranging from startups to large enterprises in different industries and customer types. George's tips and guidance have been invaluable in driving successful initiatives. I highly recommend George to anyone looking to boost internal innovation and drive positive change within their organization.

Robertjan van Amstel de Vries

Commercial Markets Leader LS Sales & Marketing ISG – Europe Program Director, Cognizant

I have had the pleasure of working with George in various professional capacities, and his extensive experience in startups to large enterprises across diverse industries and customer types makes him a highly qualified and capable trainer. George's breadth of experience in different industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and more, has given him a deep understanding of various business environments and their unique challenges. He has worked with customers of different types, ranging from B2B to B2C, and has honed his ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences. George's rich professional background allows him to draw on practical examples and real-world scenarios to enhance the training experience for participants.

As a trainer, George possesses exceptional communication skills and a natural ability to connect with others. He is adept at simplifying complex concepts and presenting them in an engaging and accessible manner. His approachable and friendly demeanor creates a comfortable learning environment, and he encourages open discussions and questions from participants, fostering an interactive and collaborative learning experience. Furthermore, George's experience in different roles and organizations, from operational to C-suite roles, has given him a well-rounded perspective on business operations, leadership, and management. He brings a wealth of practical knowledge and insights to his webinar and training sessions, providing participants with valuable and actionable guidance that can be applied in their day-to-day work.

George's passion for continuous learning and professional development is evident in his commitment to staying updated with the latest industry trends and best practices. He consistently strives to improve his training skills and materials, ensuring that his training sessions are relevant, informative, and impactful.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend George Boretos as a trainer. His extensive experience in diverse industries, customer types, and organizational settings, combined with his excellent communication skills, approachable demeanor, and commitment to continuous improvement, make him a highly effective and valuable trainer. I am confident that George will deliver outstanding training sessions and positively impact the professional development of participants.

Dr. Steve Laborda

CEO, Valuebizbooster

Inspirational, Authentic, Kind & Understanding ... Thanks for everything Solène

Saskia Menendez

Founder and Advocate in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Music and Entertainment Industry

Solène excels at clearly explaining complex topics while making sessions engaging and enjoyable. Teams immediately warm to her presentation style and feel comfortable to ask questions, share experiences, and raise challenges. Solène leaves people empowered to make positive changes in their work.

Katy Petherick

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Change Manager, Innovate UK

In-House In-Person or Virtual Team Training

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Want Bespoke One-2-One Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions we get asked the most.

What will I be able to do on completing this course?

Generate new ideas, quickly evaluate them to select the best one(s), experiment, and change accordingly based on customer feedback and define your business model to move from idea to implementation and go to market success

What background knowledge is necessary?

Nothing in particular, just to be eager to learn and willing to explore the unknown and innovate.

Is the course mostly theoretical?

No. Although we will introduce many successful theoretical frameworks like Design Thinking, Lean startup, Chasm theory, or the Marketing mix, we will blend all these through personal hands-on experience, including important practical tips and benchmarks that can help in your journey to innovation!

Why should I even bother to innovate?

I am working for a well-established company that makes a lot of money and has a great market standpoint, so why bother? Nokia was established before it collapsed, and who remembers mySpace, which was overthrown by Facebook? Regardless of if your company is doing great, the market is changing all the time. The past few years, Covid 19 changed our lives (business and personal) completely, and last year we had (and still have) an energy crisis, inflation, supply shortages, and war. And in late 2022 and early 2023, the world was taken by storm with generative AI and chatGPT. None is safe, and nothing is constant apart from continuous change. All companies need to innovate not just to grow more but, in some cases, also to survive, so this is a course for all, not just a few.

Why should startups be considered a reference point for innovation when most startup companies fail?

The successful startup is not the one that does not fail but the one that learns more quickly from and corrects its mistakes than exhausts its resources. Startups are better in this game than established companies and know how to deal with risk, uncertainty, and quick change, of course, when needed, which is an essential element of innovation. By definition, a startup should innovate or die, and this makes them much better than most established companies in generating innovation, and this is why it is worth studying them and their approach to the market.

Will I learn everything there is to know about innovation?

No, this is a very broad subject and cannot be covered in just one course. However, all the key concepts and foundation for innovation are there, and you can start next day with what you learned. The Pareto 80%-20% rule would apply here as well, so in most cases, what you have learned would suffice, but there will be cases where you will need extra or more specialized help.

I have questions about this course.

Please call us at + 1 312-496 6621 or email and we will be happy to help

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