Leading in Lean Transformations: To inspire your team and reach extraordinary results

For you and your team to be @ your best, for your business to go above and beyond

Stefano Carella, Empathetic Strategic Advisor; Former CEO; Lean 6S TPM MasterBB, LIUC Business School Lean Professor of Practice & Director

  • Lean Leadership
  • Team development
  • People Engagement
  • Lean Transformation
  • Inspiration
  • Performance Metrics
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Action Planning
  • Kaizen

Course Introduction


  • Difference between leadership and management; 
  • Empathetic leadership as an enabler for Lean Transformations 
  • Me: How to be at your best: How to be prepared for and at your best in a difficult meeting
  • Me: Role of heart, brains, and gut in real life, with business examples
  • Me: Respons-Ability: how to respond to difficult situations
  • US: How to build teams and make them grow
  • US: Importance of Genba and empathetic listening to build trust
  • US: Kintsugi as a “culture opening” instrument
  • IT: Incredible results drive by lean leadership
  • IT: How to make specific tools really work, like Kaizen, Root Cause Analysis, Problem Solving, Augmented vs Virtual reality


After an introduction on semantics of management vs leadership, participants are guided through principles of empathetic leadership, situational leadership, role of leaders, and performance vs transformation.

Three main sections follow:

  • ME at my best: Why it is important for a leader to be at his/her best, and how to get there. How to be inspired, inspire others, and prepare for difficult conversations.
  • US at our best: How to build a team, how to make them trust each other, and lead hundreds of people to sustainable success. How do we create and change a culture with our behaviors?
  • IT: Exceptional results are driven by behaviors and lean applications: How to guide to success a site with 100% engagement, applying lean tools with the proper behavioral approach. All real-life examples and extremely successful applications in different geographies are covered


With 15 years in lean leadership positions & delivering hundreds of kaizen over 35 countries in the world, you will experience unique sessions with practical examples & case studies.


The training offers not only the theory but, most importantly, a double-digit number of examples, tools, real-life experience, tricks, and tips to impact yourself as a leader, and your team and to ensure proper installation and realization of lean tools. It is based on 25 years of experience as both a lean leader and CEO. It is extremely concrete and down to earth and, especially in the first part, incredibly touches the heart of leaders.


The training is targeted for emerging or actual leaders and managers, especially those with direct reports. Inspires from CEO’s to Site GM’s and their leadership teams.

Examples are mostly connected to Operations, in Companies from 50+ employees up to several thousands.


The purpose of this course is to introduce an organizing structure for the business that leads to better products and services for customers.

Course Outline


- Management vs Leadership & Role of Leaders
- Transform vs transform, enablers
- ME, to be at my best as a leader:

    • The emotional thermometer
    • Role of Heart, Brain, and Gut
    • Insights
    • Responsibility: Ability to respond
    • Important vs Urgent matrix

    - US, how to build a fantastic team of leaders
    • The bus concept: A team of people that trust each other
    • Team Characteristics
    • Working and Growing together
    • Communication and Teamwork: How to eliminate emails
    • Genba: How to build trust
    • Empathetic listening
    • Kintsugi, to open your culture


- IT, impact, and results of lean leadership

    • Diagnostics when joining an organization, like a doctor!
    • Where are we going? Build your vision
    • Hoshin kanri and tier process
    • Model line/area concept: Prove your capabilities
    • Root cause analysis: What did you eat 20 days ago?
    • Problem-Solving team: Create a problem-solving culture
    • Kaizen: A tool for 100%
    • Augmented and Virtual reality: A how not a what!


2 Day

Time Segments:

2.5 hours session – 1 hour break – 2.5 hours session each day

Pre-Course Reading:

None required


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What’s Included:

Course materials


$1200 (includes training & certification)


Completely online


On computers, tablets, and smartphones

Time Zone:

EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Conduct group trainings for this course in your company.


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You will have two options for certification post-course. Either just complete all course content to obtain your Certification of Attendance or you can choose to achieve a highly valued Proqis Certified Accreditation by taking a post-course exam. If you pass you will receive a Proqis certified Leading in Lean Transformations: To inspire your team and reach extraordinary results Practitioner (PLLTP) Certification and a Certification of Accomplishment LinkedIn Proqis Certified Leading in Lean Transformations: To inspire your team and reach extraordinary results Practitioner Badge which you can put on your LinkedIn Profile with a click on our platform.
Proqis certified Leading in Lean Transformations: To inspire your team and reach extraordinary results Practitioner (PLLTP) is a comprehensive certification designed to validate that individuals in a wide variety of job functions have a foundational knowledge of the important concepts and components that are part of the Leading in Lean Transformations: To inspire your team and reach extraordinary results ecosystem.
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Exam Duration
30 minutes
Number of Questions
Exam Format
Multiple Choice/Multiple Response
Passing Score

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Stefano Carella, Empathetic Strategic Advisor; Former CEO; Lean 6S TPM MasterBB, LIUC Business School Lean Professor of Practice & Director

Mr. Stefano Carella has 15 years Lean Six Sigma and TPM deep application experience in 35 countries, learning from Senior Toyota, GE and P&G Advisors, leading over 250 kaizen weeks & projects, mentoring, coaching and certifying 200+ master, black and green belts, designing and delivering transformations, supporting mergers, acquisitions and change management strategies. He has lead as a VP & GM for nine years in 3 different countries, leading from 500 up to 5000+ associates, always over delivering vs plan, designing and executing transformations that enabled, as an example, 200% revenue growth in 1.5 years by moving from 1000 to 2000 associates successfully trained with innovative AR/VR techniques, moving OEE from 50% to 80% and reducing deviation rate from 0,85 to 0,15 in TPM model lines, reaching 96% employee engagement in direct reports as well as 83% in sites of over 1000 associates.

At this stage of Steno’s professional life, he is inspiring & helping people & organization to be their best, by offering experience back as:

- Empathetic Strategic Advisor, supporting leaders and companies in designing and creating excellence and employees  

 engagement, strategically and tactically.

- Mentor for General Managers and leadership teams: on their personal and professional journey to excellence.

- Business School Lean Professor of Practice & Advisory Director, supporting the LIUC Business School in delivering extraordinary results and serving clients and companies.

Dates & Prices

This course will take place over a Zoom Meeting and you will receive a unique link and access details shortly after registering. 
The course will take place over four days, with each day comprising 2.5 hours of the session – 1-hour break – 2.5 hours session each day. The sessions will run from 9:00 AM to 03:00 PM. Specific time zones will vary based on dates, see below. 

Online Instructor-Led

21st - 22nd June 2023
Time Zone
EST (Eastern Standard Time)
9:00 AM to 03:00 PM

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Online Instructor-Led

30th - 31st August 2023
Time Zone
EST (Eastern Standard Time)
9:00 AM to 03:00 PM

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18th - 19th October 2023
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9:00 AM to 03:00 PM

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The workshop was in an amazing location, the feeling during the day was exciting and engaging in the first part and practical and supportive in the second. I brought home a series of tools that I will never forget and that I can certainly apply daily for myself and in managing my business.

The added value of everything heard is certainly Stefano's great experience in the field, which brings all the contents to a real and lived dimension

Emanuela Liardo

Company owner & Head of sales and operations, QTools

The course is definitely interesting and more important exciting: no time to rest, every minute is an added value for the attendee. It is a crescendo of emotions and thoughts about yourself, your team and what you can achieve and deliver. Stefano gave me a new boost for my business challenges.

Fabio A. Bellia

General Manager Business Unit Head , Famar Italia S.p.A.

Leading in Lean Transformations: to inspire your team and reach extraordinary results» is a fantastic journey that exceeded my expectations! It gives the attendee a systematic framework (ME, US, IT) to understand and apply principles about management, leadership, team building and lean tools and provides new set of practical tools for day-to-day situations.

Stefano developed an insightful and thought-provoking workshop full of stories and experiences from real life that left me inspired since the first moment. I learned the importance and how to be everyday at my best (ME) in order to build valuable and enthusiastic teams (US) and reach excellent and sustainable results by using lean thinking principles and tools (IT).

It is a must-see for anyone who wants a step-change both in their professional and personal life.

Marco Massa

Continuous Improvement Specialist & Lean Six Sigma Expert, ThermoFisher

In-House In-Person or Virtual Team Training

Are you interested in having your team trained by our expert instructors. 

Want Bespoke One-2-One Coaching

Are you interested in completed bespoke tailored training for yourself.

Would Like to Speak To The Instructors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Why is this seminar unique?

It is unique because it is built from the experience of both the “provider” of lean tools and instruments and from the receiver, the CEO of the Company that has to adapt and change. A double-digit year of experience in both roles, in the same person.

Can management exist without leadership or vice versa?

Management is the ability to perform short term, hence is the enabler to have the space to transform, so to be a leader! Leadership hence cannot exist without management ability.

However, management can exist without leadership: a great manager can organize work and make things happen, without necessarily having (yet?) the ability to lead a team somewhere.

A servant/empathetic leader has always to be “kind”, hence can never be directive.

There are moments in which an empathetic leader has to be very direct, decide what is right without involving his team. Like parents sometimes do with children. Dealing with adults though, the leader has to invest time in explaining why he/she took this decision in autonomy and what were the reasons for not doing it together. Which the team, if core values are the same, will normally support and understand.

What is the difference between installation and transformation?

Installation is the implementation of the “hard” tool, the deployment and landing of the instrument, e.g., training the team on 5s or on Kaizen facilitation. Realization, as the word suggests, is realizing the expected benefits that the tool can provide, e.g., reducing changeover time from X to Y hours, or having a workplace organized to minimize time to search tools and having them close to the point of use, improving ergonomics and reducing the number of movements.

Me at my best: means I always have to be happy?

No, it means that I am conscious of the way I feel now, I am aware of how important my feelings and behaviors are, especially in a high leadership position, and I am taking actions to change my status if not aligned to the way I believe I should be in this moment. It is about taking responsibility for my emotional state.

Us is about how to work together?

Not only! It starts from how to build a team, how to select the right team members, how to make the team grow individually and as a team, how to create trust and a vision together. How to move from one place to the other. How to maximize the synergy, where 1+1 is higher than 2.

It is not “IT”, right?

It has nothing to do with IT systems, with computers, software or e-tools! It is about your business, your company, your shop floor. Differentiates from the me and us because it is the proper lean tools application, highlighting how the me and us part are there to sustain the implementation (realization) and, most important, are key enablers of the realization of the benefits.

After the seminar, I can just go and implement lean?

In my experience not, most of the comments I did receive about the event state that the seminar is a “eye opener”: helps leaders to see and understand the “hidden” and “unexplicit” part of lean, which is the leadership part that Mr. Ohno indicates as “the behaviors that leaders have to change to enable lean to function properly”. After the seminar leaders will understand what may be missing and have time to add or correct in their lean journeys.

What will I be able to do on completing this course?

You will be able to have several tools to become a better leader, to create and grow a great team, to understand and apply specific behaviors to ensure lean sustainability

Why should I pick Proqis Training Institute over any other training provider?

Proqis Training Institute conducts thorough painstaking research to identify and select best-in-class instructors. Each is fully vetted to ensure they have a strong pedigree and track record in delivering world-class engaging training. We only select instructors who are considered by their peers as the industry's most progressive thought-leaders in their field.


Furthermore, each our instructors have a background as top flight leadership-level practitioners within the world's leading brands, disruptors and major global corporations. Such a Disney, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Caesars Entertainment, Toyota and many more. 


In short, our courses deliver the very best, practical how to, what to training by the world's best experts.

What happens if I cannot make the course?

You can attend any future training within 6 months or you can send a substitute attendee. All courses once booked are non-refundable. 

I have questions about this course.

Please call us at + 1 312-496 6621 or email proqistraininginstitute@proqis.com and we will be happy to help

Is this course really 100% online? Do I need to attend a class in-person.

This course is completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person. You can access your lectures, readings and assignments anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device. 

What background knowledge is necessary?

No specific knowledge, but better for attendees to have already learnt or get acquainted with lean tools, such as 5s, problem solving, kaizen, root cause analysis etc. 

Does this course require any prerequisites?


Who is Proqis Training Institute?

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