Effectively leading Business and Marketing Digital Transformation

Succeed and inspire teams by focusing on your organization’s design and innovating in a digital world.

Chloé Blanc, Transformational & Empathetic Global Leader, Founder of the Chloé Blanc Consulting company

  • Digital Business transformation in B2B and B2C
  • Digital Marketing
  • Organizational change management
  • Digital Innovation
  • Digital education
  • Customer journey
  • Leading by influencing
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Crawl – Walk – Run model
  • Performance Marketing
  • Analytics and Insights

Course Introduction


  •  Understand the essentials of digital marketing transformation 
  • Understand best practices to design the internal organization (functions, management, ways of working and process)
  •  Learn about digital marketing opportunities to enhance lead generation, lead nurturing and customer engagement for Business growth
  •  Learn how to develop a performance marketing culture and integrate digital data & insights into the marketing innovation process and marketing communications
  •  Identify where your company is in its digital transformation journey - the digital maturity assessment.
  •  Discover what you need to do to bring your organization up to speed – build and refine your digital strategy, roadmap and action plan
  •  Discover pragmatic best practices to apply in your digital transformation journey: in terms of ways of working, processes, governance models, tools
  •  Develop future-ready skills today and expand your capabilities as a strategic business leader - digital leadership competencies


Digital Marketing transformation is an ongoing force in business today and part of the daily life of consumers and customers. But what is it exactly and how can leaders navigate and drive it? This course highlights the stakes of the digital transformation from a Business, Marketing and Organizational perspective to help your organization thrive. You will discover how people, processes, data, and technology need to be synchronized to identify and deliver innovative customer solutions. You will benefit from actionable recommendations and frameworks to effectively harness digital marketing and organizational design, to transform your business processes, go-to-market strategies and create winning go-to-market models. The digital disruption is also transforming leadership: its requires empathy, influence more than authority, and infinite mindset to inspire and empower stakeholders in a world where constant change is the new normal. During this practical and interactive course, you will also engage with other professionals to share learnings on your respective digital transformation journey.


In this course, attendees will benefit from tangible examples and a 15 years return of experience on digital transformation wins and failures. I will share many examples from my day-to-day digital marketing journey in B2B and B2C, at global scale (across EMEA, APAC, US, LATAM regions).

This course is not about theory. It is all about sharing real life experience from industry leading companies and meeting with other digital and marketing transformation leaders to grow your network. It is not only about having a business impact and driving results, it is also about getting inspiration as a leader, and be ready to inspire others.


With 15 years in digital marketing transformation leadership positions and supporting hundreds of teams across all regions, you will experience unique sessions with real examples and solutions from B2C and B2B industries - that you will be able to implement and test in your own company. This course also provides a unique opportunity to meet with your peers to grow your network and share about your pain points and opportunities across industries.


Marketing and Digital transformation leaders and team members from B2B and B2C companies, working on the digital transformation of their medium to large-size enterprises (Manager, Director, VP levels).

IT transformation leaders willing to better understand the marketing and business digital transformation, and how they can contribute to it.


This course is made for leaders and contributors to the digital marketing transformation of companies. It is all about sharing real life experience – including wins, pain points, failures, and tangible solutions - on how to lead digital marketing transformation with success, step by step. Learnings come from B2C and B2B markets, across industries and regions. This course will expand your capabilities as a leader, to become a strong catalyst for digital growth. This webinar is also an opportunity to extend your network and connect with your peers, getting collectively inspired - and ready to inspire others to drive the transformation with you.

Course Outline

Day 1

Business and Marketing Digital Transformation: what’s in scope and what are the different steps of the journey

  • Key components of the digital marketing transformation
  • Different steps of the Business and marketing digital transformation journey
  • Digital Expertise VS digital Transformation and leadership

- Learning objectives:

  • Provide an overview of the key capabilities to unlock digital transformation and align participants on key definitions
  • Allow participants to assess where their company is in its digital transformation journey
  • Differentiate digital expertise and digital transformation leadership and share key components of a successful transformational leader and team

Business transformation at the Digital Age

  • Business planning, Digital strategy and roadmap – key best practices
  • Prospects & customer data to fuel innovation and grow the pipeline
  • Innovate with Digital: new business models & solutions

- Learning objectives:

  • How to define clear Business objectives and KPIs
  • How to define an inspiring digital strategy AND achievable roadmap
  • Show the importance of clean and rich prospects and customer data for innovation and lead generation – share tips on how to engage with sales
  • Give tangible B2B and B2C examples of innovative digital services and best-in-class innovation processes (B2B and B2C examples)

The power of digital marketing to foster awareness, customer engagement, lead generation and nurturing

  • How to integrate digital marketing in the customer journey
  • Moving towards Performance marketing: how to empower teams to take data driven decisions

- Learning objectives:

  • Define the key steps of the consumer/customer journey and how to include digital channels at each step – share best practices in planning, ways of working and execution
  • Share examples of pain points and key success factors to move your company towards performance marketing and take data-driven decisions

Day 2

Organizational design for a successful transformation

  • Overview of the key people and functions
  • Governance model & ways of working
  • Agile processes - Piloting - Crawl/Walk/Run model

- Learning objectives:

  • Discuss required soft skills, ways of working and governance models for a successful digital marketing transformation
  • How to cut the elephant into pieces to make step by step progress, show wins and continue to convince to invest in the digital transformation

Leading in Digital transformation

  • How to perform at your best
  • How to interact with others: leading by influence VS authority
  • Culture change agent, digital education & people empowerment

- Learning objectives:

  • Introduce new concepts of leadership to lead by influencing and retain digital talents.
  • How to be resilient and perform at your best
  • How to foster adoption, the power of time and collaborative ways of working


2 Days

Time Segments:

4 hours Training


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Course Level:

All Levels

What’s Included: Pre-Course Materials:

None required

What’s Included: Course Materials:

Presentation slides/notes


$1200 (includes training & certification)

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Completely online


On computers, tablets, and smartphones

Time Zone:

EST (Eastern Standard Time)
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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You will have two options for certification post-course. Either just complete all course content to obtain your Certification of Attendance or you can choose to achieve a highly valued Proqis Certified Accreditation by taking a post-course exam. If you pass you will receive a Proqis Certified Leading Business and Marketing Digital Transformation Certification and a Certification of Accomplishment LinkedIn Proqis Certified Leading Business and Marketing Digital Transformation  Practitioner Badge which you can put on your LinkedIn Profile with a click on our platform.
Proqis Certified Digital Marketing Transformation Leader is a comprehensive certification designed to validate that individuals in a wide variety of job functions have a foundational knowledge of the important concepts and components that are part of leading Business and Marketing Digital Transformations with success.
Proqis certifications confirm knowledge in top emerging Business Transformation, Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence & Innovation Excellence areas that rapidly evolving and growing, and Proqis offers certifications that align with the most current and expanding fields.
Proqis certifications don’t just offer knowledge, they are created by industry leaders with years of experience in the subject matter, Proqis Certifications align with real jobs and roles within the Business Transformation, Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence & Innovation Excellence industry.
Proqis certifications are also vendor-neutral, so the knowledge gained can be applied regardless of the business environment.  They are not tied to just one product or framework.
Exam Benefit
The Certified Digital Marketing Transformation Leader exam will certify that the successful candidate has the foundational knowledge to apply key principles and best practices that will enable them to become a catalyst for Digital Marketing Transformation and digital growth in a wide variety of transformation-related job functions.
Exam Duration
30 minutes
Number of Questions
30 questions
Exam Format
Multiple Choice/Multiple Response
Passing Score

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Chloé Blanc,Transformational & Empathetic Global Leader, Founder of the Chloé Blanc Consulting company

With a vision to change the way business think, act and operate in leading their Digital Business and marketing transformation, Chloé work with leaders and organizations from all industries to help shape their digital marketing strategy and transform their company culture, organizational design, business models and processes to drive growth and business impact. Chloé Blanc is passionate about building digital marketing capability in people and organizations for business growth.

She brings over 15 years of Marketing, Digital and Consulting experience in global leadership and advisory roles, leading and mentoring teams to deliver enterprise-wide transformations. She has worked as a Digital Marketing leader and external consultant with industry leading companies and clients across Tech, Telecom, Media and Nutrition industries. Her knowledge is founded on wins and failures she experienced in her career in digital marketing transformation, as well as her strong network of peers, partners and clients.

Chloé is a former EY consultant in Strategy, Marketing and Innovation. In the last years as Global Director of Digital Marketing of ADM, she created, structured and led the development of ADM global Digital Marketing direction to support Brand Awareness, Lead Generation and Growth across all ADM businesses and regions. She also developed and led many pragmatic training programs on digital strategy, digital marketing transformation and leadership for organizations and students.

She is now the Founder and CEO of Chloé Blanc Consulting, a Consulting and Training company based in France, to help global teams transform their business to adapt and seize the opportunities of the digital age.

Chloé is qualified with a Master Degree in Management and Administration from the ESCP Europe Business School and a MBA in Leadership received in 2019. As the first recipient of the Rachel Hudson leadership Award, she was recognized by ADM for her Inspirational and Transformational Leadership, Business Ownership and Global and Innovation mindset.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chloe-blanc/

Dates & Prices

This course will take place over a Zoom Meeting and you will receive a unique link and access details shortly after registering. 
The course will take place over one day, with each day comprising 4 hours of sessions. The sessions will run from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Specific time zones will vary based on dates, see below. 

Online Instructor-Led

18 and 19 September 2023
Time Zone
EST (Eastern Standard Time)
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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Online Instructor-Led

12 and 13 October 2023
Time Zone
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9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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16 and 17 November 2023
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9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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Thanks to her strong experience in digital transformation and leadership, Chloe left a significant mark at ADM as an inspiring and strong leader. Chloe provided numerous speaker contributions on global, regional and national level and every single time evidenced she is energizing speaker, amazing storyteller and she can captivate and motivate the audience.

Dr. Małgorzata Hartwig

Senior Legal Counsel EMEA, ADM and Chairman Women Leadership EMEA

I highly recommend Chloé’s courses in Digital transformation and Leadership. Chloé was instrumental in educating all levels of the ADM organization, from marketers, to sales, to top leadership. She created and led many courses across businesses and regions as part of our Marketing Academy internal training program. In her courses, Chloé provides both actionable / hands-on tips and strategic insights, with a real ability to customize and scale the approach towards the digital maturity of the audience. Chloé is a very inspirational coach and mentor with natural leadership. I really enjoyed my different training experiences with Chloé and the new set of skills acquired.

Emilie Besnard

Branding Manager, ADM

I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Chloé as a trainer in Digital strategy in my academic courses. Chloé has a strong Business experience in digital and cultural transformation and a unique ability to share her passion and knowledge with students. She knows how to target her communication to the audience, keep it simple and provide pragmatic and actionable solutions. One of her strengths is to provide an engaging experience to the students, be very credible while remaining highly approachable.

Myriam Le Goff-Pronost

Director Entreprise & Strategy program, IMT Atlantique School

In-House In-Person or Virtual Team Training

Are you interested in having your team trained by our expert instructors. 

Want Bespoke One-2-One Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Why should I learn how Lean can be used in Digital Transformations?

All customers and consumer are now including digital habits in their day-to-day activities. Digital marketing transformation is not an option anymore for B2B and B2C companies, small and large, locally and globally. All marketing and business leaders, as well as their teams members, should be adapting and able to embrace the transformation, to seize the new digital marketing opportunities to make a business impact and become the inspiring leaders of tomorrow.

Does it matter what stage of Digital Marketing Transformation this course would be useful in?

This course is helpful if you are at the beginning of your digital transformation journey, or if you are accelerating its pace and bringing your transformation to the next level.

What will I be able to do on completing this course?

After this course, you will be able to assess the digital marketing maturity of your organization, then apply quick wins and start to pilot best practices (in organizational design, governance and processes) that are critical to succeed in your transformation.

What level in an organization is appropriate for this course?

This course has been designed to suit positions as multiple levels of an organization, from team member, manager, director or executive sponsor.

What background knowledge is necessary?

Basic notions of digital marketing and transformation are recommended, but not required to attend the training.

I have questions about this course.

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